The Outdoor Series – Watch Them Grow

Let’s watch how our garden beds grew over 3 years.  We made lots of changes and there are more to come that I will share with you in a future post.

Before – Left Side Garden Bed

After we cleaned up.  We hated the wood, but it stayed for about a year that way.
Then the following year, we pulled all that wood out and made it one level and added garden blocks to finish things off.  Garden Blocks or Retaining Wall Blocks were bought at Lowe’s.
All you have to do, if it’s not a retaining wall, is make sure the dirt is down a few inches below your surface and that the dirt is level.  We just used a small level and a mallet, {no hammers for project like this}.  You just gently tap the top of the bricks to level out the brick and then you move onto the next one.  Then the next layer up gets staggered, so you will have to cut the brick.  I believe my hubby used a circular saw to score the bricks and then you can use a chisel and mallet to break it in half the rest of the way for a nice straight cut.  It took us the whole weekend to do all three beds, but we loved how it turned out.  This had to be done before we bought any plants for these garden beds, so we were happy for it to be finished.
Then the following weekend we planted.  We bought smaller plants, which saves you money and within a year they grow in soooo much.  Great way to save yourself some money in the long run.
The yellow flowers are called “Daylily Happy Returns Hemerocallis”, Hosta’s, Blue Spruce bush {that’s the light blue/green bush in the middle}, Golden Euonymus {yellow & green leaves}, Emerald Euonymus {cream white & green leaves}, & Green Boxleaf  Euonymus {solid green leaves} and Golden Mop Cypress.  We love all the plants.  All are evergreens except for the Daylilies & the Hosta’s, but they come back the following Spring.  Daylilies can be divided in the Spring or Fall.  Daylilies also multiple over the years.  So even a small bunch with multiple the following year and so on.  Our’s our pretty big now and we need to divide some of them this Fall I think.  They bloom from late Spring to late Fall.  The flowers will die off, but more will come back.  The Daylilies also close up some at night and reopen in the am.  They are a pretty cool flower to have in your garden.  We have yellow in the front yard and red in the backyard.
And a year later….see how much they grew.  WOW they really filled in.  Can’t wait to show you how they look this year.  They are all three years old and a lot bigger.  We even had to prune them.
Before – Right Side Garden Bed
Cleaner, but empty.
After – Right Side Garden Bed
And a year later…
Front left corner garden bed with the wood border.
With the Garden Bed Blocks.
And a year later…
In this garden bed, the red tree is a Japense Maple, the green weeping tree is a Weeping Cherry, we have hosta’s, evergreens bushes that we don’t know the name of because they were already here when we bought the house and a Hydrangea bush in the middle.  There have been some changes to this garden bed and I will share them with you in a future post.
Front Yard – Before
Front yard – After
There is still more to come in this outdoor series.  I’m not finished yet.  I have more eye candy to show you.
Is anyone else doing some garden or outdoor projects?  What are you up to right now?  Let’s here all about your projects.  Spill the dirt!!! {silly pun intended}
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Spring Has Come to Long Island

Over the weekend we were doing some Spring cleaning……outside.  Here are some close ups of what has sprung up in our yard.  I love seeing new life in our yard after a long Winter.  I can’t wait to see everything in full bloom soon.
Sorry, but I forgot what these are.
Blue Spruce
Hydrangea Buds
Tree Buds
Is Spring, springing up in your yard yet?  Love to hear about it, so drop me a message.  Have a beautiful day.