I’m Back and with some GREAT News!!!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for so long, but I had a lot of things going on before the holidays and I needed to take a break from blogging.  BUT I’m back and I’m back with some great news.  We are expecting our first baby!!!  :)  YAY!!!!  We had a very long road {2 years} of trying and finally with some help we were able to finally conceive!!!  Our little miracle for sure.  We feel very blessed and we are super excited.  I’m 13 weeks right now and after my 12 week sono was clear and I could stop worrying so much, I thought “finally it’s time to go back to blogging and to share the next part of my journey in life with all of you.”
Of course you know this means that there will be a nursery to decorate and I am extremely excited to finally be able to put a nursery together in our home.
So until we find out if we are having a girl or a boy, I thought I would show you some ideas that I have been pinning into a “secret board” on Pinterest.  Sorry, but I couldn’t let certain people know yet.  But I’ll show you some of my ideas now.
I really love gray right now, so we will paint the walls a light to medium gray. We already have wainscotting in the room because the previous owners put it there.  So we only have to paint the upper half of the walls gray.  YAY!!!
So gray is neutral and can go with anything, the room will either be gray, pink, turquoise and white OR gray, turquoise, {maybe green too, like a lime green but not so bright} and white.
Let’s take a look at the eye candy now.  I can’t wait to make some decisions about the colors in a few weeks.  :-)
I wouldn’t use the turquoise on the wall.  The bottom half would be white where the wainscotting is and the upper half would be gray. Then I would bring in the pink & turquoise as pops of color.  The furniture would be white and hopefully a gray rocker/glider.
via: www.projectnursery.com
via: www.projectnursery.com
via: www.projectnursery.com
I just love how gray, turquoise and white look together.  If we had a little boy, I could always go with gray and navy for a big boy room and add in darker grays too and take away the turquoise.
via: www.projectnursery.com
via: www.projectnursery.com
I was thinking about some muscle cars or even airplanes for a little boys room.  Both me and my husband love muscle cars and my husband loves all sorts of planes.
This is the dresser I’m getting either way.  It’s from Ikea.  The link is below.  I have seen this dresser in sooooo many nursery pictures and it really seems like the perfect piece to put in the nursery for a girl or boy.
Ikea also sells these great boxes.  They come in a set of 6 with 3 different sizes to fit into your dresser drawers.  I’m definitely getting 1 or 2 sets of these boxes.  And at $7.99 a set, who can resist some good organization.
Same dresser with the same set of boxes I was just referring to from Ikea.  I love how organized the dresser/changing table is.  I will use mine for a changing table as well.  Our nursery is on about a 10×9 foot room, so space is an issue and organization and lots of storage will be key for this room and for my sanity I’m sure.  😉  Check out how big those drawers look.  I’m going to check out the dresser in person in a few weeks and make sure I love it in person as well.
For the closet I want to do something like this with shelves on one side and double hanging clothes rods on the other side.  The shelves might have to be a little smaller but this is the look I want.  I can always take out the shelves down the road to use for longer pieces of clothing if it’s a girl.  I would probably keep the shelves though if it’s a boy.
Maybe even something like this, but I think I like the one above better.
And of course every baby closet should have these dividers I think.  Well something like these.  I like the colors, but I’m not sure about the patterns yet.  We will see.  Once I know if it’s a girl or boy, then I can really decide on pattern and color.  haha!!!
I need to take some pictures of the room soon so you can see what I’m dealing with.  We are trying to reorganize all three bedrooms that we have taken over for the last 5 years we have lived in the house.  Yup we spread out and now we need to purge, donate and organize everything better in our bedroom and in our office room.  We already started to purge the office and purge and reorganize, so I will be sharing my office with you finally as well.  We have a lot to do before July 2013!!!  But it’s all good and we feel great to finally get the house organized better.  I’m sure there will be lots to throw away and lots to donate to GoodWill.  I can’t wait.  Our home feels heavy and we need to feel not so weighed down anymore.  It feels good with what we did so far.  Can’t wait to share pictures with you.
Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)


Inspirational Eye Candy – Boy Rooms {Nurseries & Little Boy}

These first two pictuers are of the same nursery.  I love the blues & beiges.  Great soft colors for a little boys nursery.  What a great place to put all those letters.  It looks like it wraps around the whole room.
Love the strips in this nursery.  Great storage under the crib & the changing table.  Adore the pop of apple green in the mirror.
Even though this room has some slated walls, they did an awesome job of making it look like a tray ceiling.  I love how they used the moulding with the slant.  And of course tucking the bed into the alcove area – Love it!!!
Hello Nauctical nursery!!!  What a great room.  Love all the decor.  Lots of interest for little eyes.
I adore the apple green & blues together.  Nice clean & modern room, with just a touch of traditional in the chair.

Look at all of the great storage in this little boy’s room.

Hear is another apple green & blue colored room.  Love these colors together.  How great are all those different letters on the wall.

The next three pictures are of the same room.  I know maps in kids rooms have become very popular lately, so I thought I would share this one with you.  Lots of stuff from Ikea in this room.  Can you spy all the Ikea products….there are a lot of them.  What a great room.

All the above pictures were from www.decorpad.com

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