Autumn Coastal Cottage Tablescape

Well the tablescape is probably more Autumn Coastal then it is Cottage, but I tried to get that feeling.  I’ve been trying to get more Coastal Cottage in my home, so that my style then would be Transitional Coastal Cottage, but I’m still working on that.  I’ll get there at some point.

I already had the wire basket with the Japanese glass fishing floats, that I bought at HomeGoods over the summer.  So I decided I wanted to incorporate  the Coastal part into my Autumn tablescape this year.  You can check out last years Autumn tablescape here.  Last years was much more casual and simple and just straight up Autumn.  I like changing it up.
I took out all of my melamine dinnerware that I bought a couple of years ago from Target.  I have used some of it in different tablescapes I have done, like our Christmas tablescape from 2011.  I used the blue plate as a charger, but for this tablescape I made the square plate into a diamond shape to change things up.
For the most part, I grabbed things from around the house that I already had.  The only news things are the mercury pumpkins and the pumpkins in the wire basket, I bought those a few weeks ago at HomeGoods of course.  😉

Here is a closer look at those mercury pumpkins.  I love them.  They were only $9.99 each.  Check out the mercury glasses I bought that are in the living room right now.

I wanted to show you the napkin rings that I made.  Just some thin wire and jewelry beads.  I love how they turned out.  They aren’t too big and bulky, so it’s easy to store them.  And I guess I could always take them apart down the road and make something else with them or change them up.

Have you Autumn-ized your table this year yet?  Did you go with orange, greens and neutrals?  Maybe some silver or gold is your thing?  What colors did you use?  I would love to hear and even see your tablescapes.  Leave a link in the comment area if you would like to share with all of us.

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Styling a Round Table

I have struggled with styling my round table, by Ikea, for awhile now.  Rectangle and oblong are much easier for me to style, but I was determined to figure it out.  I was going through my linen closet looking for something to use.  I grabbed a couple of runners, which are usually too long for this size round table and they hang to long onto the chairs.  But this time I decided to grab two new place mats I bought recently.  Well I actually bought 6 place mats, but I only needed two for this table.

I put the two mats down in the center of the table and put the two green ends facing each other, so that when I put the tray on top the blue sections would be hanging out on each end and it looks like a short runner for a round table.

See it looks like one runner in the center of the table instead of two place mats.

Can’t see the seam of the place mat anymore now.  The tray was the perfect size to hide the seam.

I just “shopped” my house for some decor that I really wasn’t using.  Two decorating books for some height so there was some dimension to it, taller green vase, short blue bowl with sand and seashells and a white planter with a decorative ball.  Some textures, some neutrals = easy styling for a centerpiece.

I had fun putting this together and it only took me about 10 minutes to walk around the house shopping for some stuff and then 2 minutes to put it all together.

I love how it turned out.  Why didn’t I think of the two place mats sooner then this?  No idea, but I’m glad I thought of it now.  I love how it looks and I can do this with any two place mats now and change things up on the tray to have a new centerpiece.

If you want to check out the rest of our Family Room click here.

Some round table eye candy for you!!!

Let’s check out this cute outdoor table that Shauna @ Satori Design for living put together to dine al fresco style.  Nice and simple but styled just right for my taste.  Love the rosemary as a centerpiece for an outdoor table.  Any herb would do, but I love the smell of rosemary and I hear it keeps the bugs away too.


A nice floral arrangement is always a great way to go also.


Great setting for a dinner party.  Low enough to see everyone around the table, yet colorful and pretty to look at.


Big clam shell with plants in it.  Gorgeous!!!

I love the colors of this centerpiece with the colors from the place settings.

Simple yet colorful.

So how do you style your round table?  How do you style any table you have? Indoors or outdoors.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog or photo’s to share with the rest of us.  Happy table styling everyone.

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House Tour – Our Dining Room

Come in and take a tour of our Dining Room.  Let’s see how it evolved.
This is how the Dining Room looked when we looked at the house.  These were the MLS pictures of the house.

Yup vinyl flooring and it was over ceramic tiles.  Don’t ask, we don’t know why. Then there were hardwoods in the Living Room as you can see from the picture above in the lower part of the picture.

Then we started our construction.  So all the flooring came up and we layed all new hardwood floors throughout the Dining Room, Kitchen & Living Room.
Boy did I want a window in our Dining Room, but that was not going to happen.  We do have sliding glass doors that go out into our sunroom, but I wanted a window on the other large wall.  Well if you can not have a window, then the next best thing is a mirror.
This was the wall that I wanted a window on.  See how plain and boring it is?  There are cathedral ceilings in the Dining Room & Kitchen only.

I found mirrors on Ballard Designs that I really liked, but I didn’t want to pay the price.  They were $199 for two of almost-the-same-exact mirror that I found a lot cheaper. Ballard Designs mirror.

Well I found this mirror instead at Bed Bath & Beyond {3.5 years ago} for only $70 each, plus four 20% off coupons. So I got all four for $225.  Nice save!!!  But I did not like the color of them at all.  We were able to take the mirror apart and paint each piece separately.

Here they are all painted out in a nice dark chocolate “Bitter Chocolate” from Behr.  Great name for this paint color, because it really does look like chocolate.  Yummy!!!  So what do you guys think of the mirrors?

Here are the mirrors right after we hung them up.  We also put up a pair of sconces next to the mirrors and some wrought iron plaques on each side of the sliding glass doors.

Here are the details all finished in the room.

So what do you think of our Dining Room?  Do you like our new window mirrors?

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House Tour – How My Kitchen was Born – Part II

So the construction began (3.5 years ago).  We painted the “Great Room” (Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room and Hallway) all the same color because it is a completely open area and I wanted to make sure I kept things cohesive.  We used Benjamin Moore, Carlisle Cream (light tan).
Then we received a sample of the cabinets and the granite we chose.  The cabinets are a brownish cherry wood.  The granite is called “Blue Pearl”.
Upper and Base cabinets were installed.  The kitchen was really starting to come together for us.  Our contractor was moving along very slowly.  See the white tape on the floor?  That is where our island will go.

Tip:  Use painters tape to map something out so that you can see how it will fit in your room.  Just take the measuresments of your piece and use paitners tape.  You can also do this for picture frames or art to see if you like it on the wall and where to hang it.  With painters tape you don’t ruin your paint job.

Since we have cathedral ceilings, we wanted the cabinets around the stove taller.  Love the extra storage and love the design of this.
Then the island was installed.  The window in the backyard is the Living Room area.
Applicances were installed next and the backside of the island still needed it’s panels.
Panels installed….now it looked like cabinets.
Then we needed to figure out our back splash.  So we went to the tile store and took some samples home with us.  Then we taped the tiles up with painters tape so we could get an idea how home the tiles might look.
Tip:  you can go to a tile store (at least on Long Island) and take home samples of times for a few days to see how they look in your home.
Close up of the glass tile.  We went with this glass tile and the gray slate 4×4 tile above.
Granite was installed.  We love it.  It has lots of silver and black in it.  We loved how the silver in the granite worked with the stainless steel appliances. And in this picture you can see our new hardwood floors.
The glass cabinets on the left are used for our china because we don’t have enough room in our Dining Room for a china cabinet.
Close up of our granite.  “Blue Pearl.”
We decided to go with a diamond pattern for our 4×4 gray slate tiles.  Again we used painters tape on the backside to figure out what we liked best.
Here is the back splash installed.
I have to take pictures of the way the Kitchen looks like now.  I’ve made a few tweaks to the kitchen over the 3.5 years that we have had the Kitchen.  Stay tuned for the complete after pictures with some in between pictures.  Rooms always evolve over time and I will show you how the Kitchen evolved.
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Inspirational Eye Candy – Casual Dining Rooms

Casual Dining Rooms are so much easier in the home I think.  It makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed.  Plus they are a lot easier with kids.  You can have kid friendly seating (leather chairs or even plastic chairs).  I see more and more homes going with Casual Dining Areas or Dining Rooms lately….love the trend.
Enjoy the Eye Candy!!!
I love this room with Turquoise, B&W and then a punch of Pink.  Casual yet very classy.
Love the blue/orange/white scheme going on in this room.  So relaxing.  Plus those windows let in so much light.
I love Turquoise lately.  I need to inject more of it into my home.  I love the Turquoise with the grey/beige color.  Looks like an awesome place to gather and relax.
Love the brown/creme pattern on the bench and the wood table and chairs.  Great combo together.
I love the mix of textures and the mix of wood tones in this room.  Hello!!!  The dark wood table with the Pumpkin Orange chairs….gorgeous!  The white wood and the light colored walls keeps the room light and relaxing.  Love the texture in the shade on the window and the pendant shade also.
Again with the dark and light wood tones….but I love the pop of the lime green.  Very crisp!
Great combo with straight lines and curved lines to compliment this room.  The straight lines in the shelves and cabinets are then complimented with the round table and all the round vases on the shelves.  Nice little punch of color with the blue on the chairs.
I love the round table with those gorgeous rounded back chairs.  And there is that Turquoise again…in the chandelier & it looks like the backsplash in the kitchen too.  Love the pattern on the chairs.
Love the texture with the bamboo shade and the wood table, mixed in with that great pattern on the banquette.  Great family & friend gathering place.
I just love all the texture in this room.  Light woods with darker woods with a splash of grey/blue thrown in.  Love the light and airy feel of this room.
What an awesome place for a casual Dining Area.
Casual yet very elegant.  A room that could be dressed up more for those more special occasions.
Hope you have enjoyed the Eye Candy!!!