A Little DIY Project & Some Driftwood

So when we recently went on vacation to Greenport, Long Island {for a short staycation}, I wanted to look for mason jars and driftwood.  Well I also wanted to find an antique mirror for our bedroom, but we didn’t find one.  Boo!
Here is the driftwood we found at Orient Point State Park.  Gorgeous beach.  The driftwood will end up in the Sunroom, some place, once we are done remodeling that room.  So I thought I would put it in that room now.  I love the pieces we found.
And when we walked into a Thift Store in Greenport, I had to have some of these mason jars so I could do a DIY project with them.  I want to dye them seaglass blue and maybe put sand and a candles in them.  Maybe two with candles and one with sand & seashells.  Not sure where they will end up in our home, but I can’t wait to make them pretty.  They might just end up in our Sunroom as well or I might have to find some more or use other jars from our house and make more of them for other rooms in our home.  I just love the look of them in blue.
These are in really nice condition and I didn’t care if they had lids or not.  I really didn’t need the lids.
Only $2.50 total for these three mason jars.  Love thrift stores.
Well once I brought these home, I had to find the best way to do this project.  I want to be able to put water in the jars {if I want to}, so you need to use glass paint on the outside of the jars and put them in the oven to seal the paint onto the jars.  So when I came across this blog, I knew I had found the way I wanted to do my project.  I can’t wait to get the paint and get started on this project.  I will be back with step by step instructions.  I hope mine come out even half as nice and Jenn’s came out.

Check out Jenn’s gorgeous DIYed Blue Mason Jars over on Clean and Scentsible Blog.  diy-blue-mason-jars.  I absolutely love how her jars turned out.  I think I might even have to buy some wire to put around them too.  This way you could hang them with candles in them.  Great idea.
I also love how they look with twine wrapped around the neck of the jars.  I might just have to find more of these mason jars so I can make more of these.

Check out My Pinterest Mason Jar Board to see more gorgeous ideas I found on Pinterest.

So has anyone found any awesome driftwood?  Where did you put it in your home?  How did you display it?  Anyone dye any mason jars lately?  Have any tips for me?  I would love to see pictures of your work.  Leave a link in the comments area if you want to show off your driftwood or mason jar projects.  I love hearing from my lovely followers.  :)

Have a great day everyone!!!  :)

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New Additions to the Family…

my Living Room decor family that is…..
Yup I went shopping at my favorite store…..Home Goods.  Oh how I love you.  You always seem to have something that I love, something that I can use or need.
I knew I would need something new for this corner, because the lanterns that are….well were there….will live in the Sunroom once we get to that project.  So I’m always on the look out for something that would fit the space nicely.  Here is what the lanterns looked like in this corner.  I really liked the look for this corner, but I knew I had to find something else at some point.

So when I came across these gorgeous candle stick holders at Home Goods and that very funky white vase, I knew I had to buy them for this corner.

I’m going to live with them there for a couple of weeks before I take any tags off.  I might play around with the arrangement but I think these are keepers for this corner.

I’ve also been on the look out for something else purple to add to the room.  I have dark purple pillows on the ottomans in front of the window, so I needed to bring a little more purple into the room so that the pillows made sense in the room.  I also have some craft paper that I plan on wrapping those books with that have some purple in it too….just to make the books prettier.

Here are those purple pillows I’m talking about.

While we were on vacation in Greenport, Long Island, we went walking along the coastline at Orient Point State Park to look for some driftwood, rocks & shells.  Link to our vacation post.  Here is one of the small pieces of driftwood we found.  I love the look of driftwood and I didn’t want to buy an expensive piece from a store, so this was nature giving back for free.  More on the other pieces of larger driftwood that we found in another post soon.  For now this little guy will stay here, but he might move around the house some.

Let’s get a better look at the color of the candle sticks I bought.  They are a pretty turquoise with brush nickel accents.


I love the texture that this funky white vase brings to the room.  I don’t know what it is about this design that tickled my fancy, but I had to buy it.

The cost for each piece, tall candle stick $19, shorter candle stick $16, white vase $19.  So for $54 I was very happy with the new decor that will live in this corner now.

So has anyone bought any candle stick holders or candles lately?  What colors are you loving right now for them?  What room did you put them in?  I would love to hear all about it.  Spill the details in the comments section or leave a link to your post or to the product.  Let’s see the prettiness that everyone is loving right now.

Have a great day everyone!!!  :)

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