Inspirational Eye Candy – Aqua & Orange

I absolutely love how aqua & orange look together.  I hope one day soon to have those colors in my Sunroom…when we finally get to the full project of the Sunroom of course.  So today I wanted to put out there some great inspiration for this color scheme.
Let’s check out all of the different places we could use this color scheme and even some inspiration from other then home decor.  I just feel so happy to look at these color together.  It’s like sunshine with water mixed in.

This color scheme can be bright and fun.



And this color scheme can also be moody or muted in color.  Love that.  So you could have this color in the Spring/Summer when you want things to be brighter and then in the Fall/Winter when you want those more muted warm colors.  Love it!!!



Hello gorgeous storage!!!

Besides the great color scheme, I love all the texture.  Gorgeous!!  I really love how the woven shades bring a natural texture to this space.
You have to check out this adorable nursery.  See all the details and great ideas to bring this gorgeous color scheme together.
Fabric goodness!!!  Aqua, Orange & Greige {gray/beige}.  I’m really lovin’ the color greige right now.
I love the brown couches with this color scheme.  It makes it feel warm and inviting yet bright and fun.
OK, this is what I want in my Sunroom.  I love the lighter and darker elements of this space.  And that wooden table is gorgeous.
Some outdoor inspiration.



This one is more of a Coral and Aqua scheme, but it’s still gorgeous.  I love all of these colors together.


I love Autumn!!!

Some other inspiration of this color scheme.
Hello you gorgeous door.

Great colors for a Summer or Spring or even Fall wedding.


Lovely earrings.


Great party colors.  And I love Mason Jars very much right now.




Adore these chevron invitations.  So cute.


You can also check out more of my Color Inspiration over on Pinterest.

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Styling a Round Table

I have struggled with styling my round table, by Ikea, for awhile now.  Rectangle and oblong are much easier for me to style, but I was determined to figure it out.  I was going through my linen closet looking for something to use.  I grabbed a couple of runners, which are usually too long for this size round table and they hang to long onto the chairs.  But this time I decided to grab two new place mats I bought recently.  Well I actually bought 6 place mats, but I only needed two for this table.

I put the two mats down in the center of the table and put the two green ends facing each other, so that when I put the tray on top the blue sections would be hanging out on each end and it looks like a short runner for a round table.

See it looks like one runner in the center of the table instead of two place mats.

Can’t see the seam of the place mat anymore now.  The tray was the perfect size to hide the seam.

I just “shopped” my house for some decor that I really wasn’t using.  Two decorating books for some height so there was some dimension to it, taller green vase, short blue bowl with sand and seashells and a white planter with a decorative ball.  Some textures, some neutrals = easy styling for a centerpiece.

I had fun putting this together and it only took me about 10 minutes to walk around the house shopping for some stuff and then 2 minutes to put it all together.

I love how it turned out.  Why didn’t I think of the two place mats sooner then this?  No idea, but I’m glad I thought of it now.  I love how it looks and I can do this with any two place mats now and change things up on the tray to have a new centerpiece.

If you want to check out the rest of our Family Room click here.

Some round table eye candy for you!!!

Let’s check out this cute outdoor table that Shauna @ Satori Design for living put together to dine al fresco style.  Nice and simple but styled just right for my taste.  Love the rosemary as a centerpiece for an outdoor table.  Any herb would do, but I love the smell of rosemary and I hear it keeps the bugs away too.


A nice floral arrangement is always a great way to go also.


Great setting for a dinner party.  Low enough to see everyone around the table, yet colorful and pretty to look at.


Big clam shell with plants in it.  Gorgeous!!!

I love the colors of this centerpiece with the colors from the place settings.

Simple yet colorful.

So how do you style your round table?  How do you style any table you have? Indoors or outdoors.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog or photo’s to share with the rest of us.  Happy table styling everyone.

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Inspirational Eye Candy – Gray Dining Rooms

I have been really lovin’ gray anything lately.  All the awesome shades of gray or even gray/mushroom are just so hot right now.  BUT you can’t go wrong with gray because it is a neutral.  It goes with any color you want to put it with.  Gray can be cool or warm.  I really enjoy it.  Right now I’m trying to find the perfect color gray for my home, for our Great Room, so I was completely draw to all of this gray eye candy.  I also figured I would just stick to Dining Rooms today.  But I have plenty of eye candy for other rooms too, so stay tuned for those posts.  :)

I love how bright this room is.  Awesome use of a mirror to reflect more light around the room.  Love the use of the different chairs as well.  Those are awesome looking head chairs.  Simple & elegant.

Benjamin Moore – Chelsea Gray – via DecorPad

Here is another view of the same room.
Benjamin Moore – Chelsea Gray – via DecorPad

This Dining Room that is right off of the kitchen is so warm and inviting.  Love all the dark features in the room.  The warm tone of the brick, table, flooring, door hardware and chandlier.  Just makes you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee or two.  😉

Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl – via DecorPad

 Another view of the same room.  Adore the chalkboard on the wall. Nice touch to the room.  And in this picture you can see the beadboard ceiling. Love that!!!

Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl – via Decor Pad

This darker gray color really makes this room very elegant and sophisticated.  Love all the dark tones in the room.  Really warm and inviting.  Great entertainment space.

 via DecorPad – Para Paints Sarah’s Paint – Thunderstorm SR72

OK, now this Dining Room might not be for everyone, but I love it.  Hot Pink with a splash of Turquoise.  Gorgeous wood floors and table let those chairs take center stage in this room.  Those floor mirrors are perfect in this room.

 via DecorPad – Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

I love this gray color with all the black & white accents.

 via DecorPad – Behr Fashion Gray

I adore this Dining Room from Centsational Girl.  Love the slipped covered chairs with all the warm wood tones.  The gray is a gray/green and I just think it looks awesome with all the white & darker wood tones.

 via DecorPad by Centsational Girl – Benjamin Moore Camouflage

This gray/silver with the darker gray curtains and all the white…..just gorgeous!!!  Slight pop of color with the light turquoise looking chairs and a pop of whimsical with the chandlier.  Love it all together.

 via DecorPad – Ralph Lauren Cymric Silver

This room just says come and sit down and stay for a long while.  Very warm and inviting.  Pillows on the head chairs.  Love the darker tones in the room with the warm gray color on the walls.

via DecorPad – Benjamin Moore Gettysburg Gray

What gray or gray/mushroom is your favorite color?  I would love some other ideas for colors.  I’m in the mood to go and get me some paint chips.  I want to paint our Great Room in the worst way.  So let’s hear all those great gray colors out there that you love.  What rooms do you have gray in?

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Sunroom Inspiration….Some Eye Candy if You Will

I love looking at eye candy to inspire me for my rooms, so I wanted to share with you what I have been drooling over on Pinterest lately.
You can follow my Sunroom Inspiration board on Pinterest here.
My Sunroom looks pretty bad right now because we haven’t done anything to it in 4 years.  Unfortunately it wasn’t top priority on our to-do-list for the home.  But hopefully over the Fall and then the Spring next year, we will be able to get this room looking nicer & more functional.  You can check out the mood board I did for the Sunroom here.  You can also check out this post when I did my House Tour of the Sunroom.  There is more inspiring eye candy in that post.
I love how cozy this room feels.  The couch and two chairs are perfect, but because our sunroom isn’t a 4 seasons room, we will have to buy all indoor/outdoor furniture and decor.  Or at least as much as possible.
Love these chairs from Pottery Barn.  Gorgeous wing back chairs.  I can see reading a book or just relaxing in a chair like this.
I also really love the style of this chair from Restoration Hardware.  But we will have to find cheaper versions of these types of chairs.  I actually want to check out Pier 1 soon and see if they have anymore chairs left and IF they are on sale, I might just have to pick 1 or 2 up for, hopefully a great price. 😉
This room is gorgeous!!!  Love, love, love the ceiling and walls.  I’m so into blue & green right now.  Love the color combo so much.  Clean and crisp!  What room doesn’t look awesome with a built-in banquet.
Check out this sunroom’s cornices with vintage fretwork panels.  Gorgeous!!!  Really dresses up the windows.  I might have to do something like this in my sunroom.  Check out for more fretwork ideas.  Great website.  Here is their website to see all that they sell.
Love the couch & light fixture.
If I had a sunroom like this, I would never leave.  It’s just saying, “come on in and stay all day”.

Check out the built-ins and all the storage.  Love all the neutrals and tone on tone colors.

I absolutely adore this room.  Love the shape of the room.  If I could find wicker furniture like this on Craigslist or at a garage sale, I would defintely paint it.  Just not sure if I would paint it white or dark brown.  I love the look both ways.

Gorgeous color on the walls.

I have almost the same cart sitting in our sunroom right now.  I might have to do a similar vignette but with a mirror over it instead.
Now this sunroom, I really love.  It has so much that I would love to incorporate in my sunroom.  The colorful shades are so cute.  Love the ceiling color and the rug.
Full room shot.
Close up of the bench with storage.
Well I hope I have inspired you in some way with all of these great inspiration pictures of sunrooms.  You could even take some of this inspiration and modify it a little and take it outside to your porch or deck.
So which picture is your favorite?  Have you remodeled a sunroom recently?  What is your favorite part of your sunroom?  I would love to hear about your sunroom, porch, patio or deck.  Let’s share some inspiration.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.  Have a great day everyone!

Inspirational Eye Candy – Entranceways/Foyers

Entranceways or Foyers can be different things to different people and different style of homes.  Take for instance our home entranceway is just an entrance and stairs.  We live in a Hi-Ranch, so you have the split stairs going upstairs and downstairs with a landing.  And our landing isn’t big enough for anything but a coat hooks on the wall.  It isn’t enough, but it holds the coats we use on a daily bases, so it’s good enough.  Well below are many different kinds of entrances.  Pretty ones, small ones, large one or functional ones (ones with storage).  Enjoy!!!
I love this very feminine entrayway.  It just seems like a very sweet place to be able to walk into your home.  It would put a smile on my face every time I walked in the door.

Even when you don’t think you have enough room for a table, there is usually room for some sort of table.  At least you can use it to put down your keys so you don’t lose them.

Love all the seating in this entranceway.  Great way to welcome guests into your home.  Come on in and stay awhile it says to me.

I love how this entranceway pulls you into the rest of the house.  H-E-L-L-O gallery wall in the Living Room.  Gorgeous floor and rug too.

I love this formal entranceway.  Nice and wide and gorgeous wall color.

I love all the texture and pattern in this entranceway.  The ceiling, wall, mirror, stools, table, lamps.  It all has texture and pattern that is very warming.

Between the stairs and the gallery wall… had me at hello!!!

Here is another case if “you thought you didn’t have an entranceway”, but you do.  Even if it’s small, you can still make a statement and even hang your coats.

Gallery wall and console table to set down your keys.

 Check out this gorgeous foyer.  I love the light blue/green on the walls.  So inviting, so airy.  This picture is from Sarah Richardson.  Love her work.

I love the rest of these pictures because they all have one thing in common….storage!!!


{all pictures are from, except for the last one}
Just keep in mind that if more then one piece in each picture interests you, you can take all of those interests and make your own entranceway that makes you smile every time you walk in the door.  Hope you enjoyed the Inspirational Eye Candy for today.
Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a message.  Have a question about decorating, please feel free to ask on a post or email me.  Have a great day everyone!!!

Inspirational Eye Candy – Casual Dining Rooms

Casual Dining Rooms are so much easier in the home I think.  It makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed.  Plus they are a lot easier with kids.  You can have kid friendly seating (leather chairs or even plastic chairs).  I see more and more homes going with Casual Dining Areas or Dining Rooms lately….love the trend.
Enjoy the Eye Candy!!!
I love this room with Turquoise, B&W and then a punch of Pink.  Casual yet very classy.
Love the blue/orange/white scheme going on in this room.  So relaxing.  Plus those windows let in so much light.
I love Turquoise lately.  I need to inject more of it into my home.  I love the Turquoise with the grey/beige color.  Looks like an awesome place to gather and relax.
Love the brown/creme pattern on the bench and the wood table and chairs.  Great combo together.
I love the mix of textures and the mix of wood tones in this room.  Hello!!!  The dark wood table with the Pumpkin Orange chairs….gorgeous!  The white wood and the light colored walls keeps the room light and relaxing.  Love the texture in the shade on the window and the pendant shade also.
Again with the dark and light wood tones….but I love the pop of the lime green.  Very crisp!
Great combo with straight lines and curved lines to compliment this room.  The straight lines in the shelves and cabinets are then complimented with the round table and all the round vases on the shelves.  Nice little punch of color with the blue on the chairs.
I love the round table with those gorgeous rounded back chairs.  And there is that Turquoise again…in the chandelier & it looks like the backsplash in the kitchen too.  Love the pattern on the chairs.
Love the texture with the bamboo shade and the wood table, mixed in with that great pattern on the banquette.  Great family & friend gathering place.
I just love all the texture in this room.  Light woods with darker woods with a splash of grey/blue thrown in.  Love the light and airy feel of this room.
What an awesome place for a casual Dining Area.
Casual yet very elegant.  A room that could be dressed up more for those more special occasions.
Hope you have enjoyed the Eye Candy!!!

Inspirational Eye Candy

I love exploring the internet for “Inspirational Eye Candy for the Home”.  I have so much saved up and I plan on sharing them with you, but just a little at a time.  I don’t want to give anyone Eye Candy overload.
I have fallen in love with Blue & Orange for decor in the home.  The color orange is not just for the Fall season anymore.
Love this Living Room. Neutral on the walls, neutral sofa’s, pops of orange on the curtains & pillows, blue accent chair & ottomans.  But check out the fun black & white rug. Still a comfortable and yet airy feeling room.

Look at that rug with dark hardwood floors…..Gorgeous!!!  OK, there isn’t blue in this room, but I just loved the rug and curtains with all the other neutrals in the room.

In this Living Room, I love how they brought in lots of natural materials.  The chair, coffee table, & even the rug looks like a cotton material.  A white room never looked so good with Blue & Orange mixed in. There is even an architectural ceiling.
Look at all of this great pattern through out the room.  There is pattern in the sofa, pillow, curtains that are very subtle, but that bolder orange pattern ottoman is gorgeous!  Neutral walls and rug which really keep the room feeling open and light.  And I love that the ottoman has dark wood and everything else has light wood. It’s probably one of the focal points in the room.

 This Living Room has blue walls, with the pop of orange in the pillows, art and some of the furniture even.  But that chocolate sofa and brown leather chairs really make the room feel warm and comfy.  Love the white trim and mantle.

Love this room.  It’s bright and simple, but pleasing to the eye.  Lots of neutrals, but the pop of orange and blue bring the room to life.  Look at the texture in the rug and the pillow.  Gorgeous high ceilings with beautiful white trim.  The curtains aren’t to bold or over powering for this room at all.  And with all the straight lines in this room, I love the round side table they brought in. 

This Living Room is very Beachy feeling to me.  Look at the walls and the then darker wood floors.  Love dark and light woods together in a room.  Gorgeous!!!  This room has just small splashes of blue & orange in it.  The rug, the pillows, the throw, curtains and the lamp shades.  I could sit in that room for hours and just be completely relaxed.
Well I hope you have enjoyed the Eye Candy.  I know I feel much more relaxed  & inspired after looking at these pictures.  Until next time……enjoy!
Pictures from