A Little Switch-a-roo

After I had organized under the bathroom sink {back in May 2011} it was time to make a little bit of a switch-a-roo with what I used to organize it in the first place.  It just wasn’t working out.  We used the baskets every day and they were making a mess.  Sometimes you just don’t think about what a basket is made out of when you buy it.  Will it work well, will it stay together well.  I think these baskets are a banana leaf type of material and it tends to flake off easily.  So if it’s something you are going to use everyday, you might want a different material.  Wicker stands up longer and plastic or metal even better.  I know I will think first before I buy the banana leaf baskets again.

So when I went to HomeGoods the other day, {I know you are all shocked that I went to HomeGoods to look for something…haha}, I picked up some new metal mess looking baskets.

Let’s check out some of the befores.  See the flakes all over the cabinet floor.  Drove me nuts every time I opened the cabinet doors.  I had to find something else to use.

Well this is what I found at HomeGoods.  I love them.  This one is actually labeled for CD storage, but I knew what it was going to hold instead…my hubbies shaver stuff.  {$4.99}

And this piece also for the hubby.  Yup it has magnets on it so you can stick it up somewhere for office supplies I believe this one was categorized as.  Nope, not for me, I just stuck it to the CD holder and now all of my hubbies stuff fits in there so well and no mess at all.  {$3.99}

Then I also found this piece which was perfect to fit my hair dryer and some other things of mine.  {$6.99}

So here is the “after”.  I kept one of the other baskets {the one behind the paper towels because we don’t use it all that much}.  Otherwise everything else fits perfectly in the wire baskets.  The funny thing was I forgot that I already had one wire drawer storage piece under there, so it was a happy thing in the end that it all matched.  Ok, one is silver and the new ones are a pretty aqua color.  But I’m super happy with the end result.  Everything is where it needs to be now and it’s actually easier to see everything.  It was hard to see inside of those dark baskets under the cabinet.

See how nice things are now.  You can see where everything is and everything has a place.  Me likey!!!  πŸ˜‰  So for basically $16, I’m very happy with the end result.

And you might have recognized where I moved those older baskets to.  Check out this post for all the details.  We will see what kind of a mess they make in the linen closet.  If I don’t keep them, I will garage sale them this Spring/Summer and buy something else for the linen closet.

So has anyone else made a switch-a-roo like this one?  Were you happy with the switch?  Did you switch it back and buy something else?  Did you get rid of it all together?  Would love to hear about it.  Share it with all of us in the comments area.  I’m sure others would like to know what kind of switch you did and if it worked out or not.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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Christmas Has Begun…

…well the shopping has begun!  πŸ˜‰

I wanted to share the new Christmas decor I bought, so far, for this year.  I wanted to add Turquoise to the mix this year.  So I will be using, Gold, Bronze & Turquoise and probably a little bit of white.  I’m in love so far.  Just can’t wait to start to put together everything in our home.

I bought all of this from HomeGoods….my BFF!!!  I love the sparkly bronze and the simmering brushed gold candles.  I just have to find the right Turquoise colored candle now.

I bought lots of Turquoise ornaments and even some Bronze & Gold ones too.  I love those star burst looking ornaments to the left of the picture.  We will see where they end up.
Here is the gorgeous cake plate I found at HomeGoods.  It was just the right size for the candles.  This will be the centerpiece on the Dining Room table hopefully.  Praying it turns out the way I envision it to look.
Here is a close up of some of the glass Turquoise ornaments.  The colors are more Turquoise in person.  They read a little more green in these pictures.  I was having a hard time with the lighting that day.  I have two boxes so some of them will be going on the tree and some else were, but I haven’t decided where yet.
Look at these lovelies!  Beautiful turquoise glass ornaments.  I bought these in two sizes.  They are prettier in person.
I couldn’t resist these fun bronze starbursts.  I also bought them in gold.  Three in a pack, so I have six total.
This piece I just couldn’t resist.  We will put it in our Family Room downstairs, since our Christmas tree is upstairs in our Living Room.
Here is what it looks like up-close.  There are clear LED lights on the inside so it lights up.  It looks pretty cool when it’s lite up.
Now my shopping trip turned to Target & Michael’s
Check out these gorgoues gold & bronze ornaments.  I can’t wait to hang these up.

Some Turquoise & Gold Icicles and beads.  They will probably go on the tree and some of the beads will probably go on the Dining Room table.

Small Turquoise ornaments will be used for filler maybe, or the tree or even hanging from my chandlier.  I haven’t decided yet.

Ribbon for the ornaments for the chandlier & front Living Room window.  Bronze on one side, gold on the other side.  It’s gorgeous!  Thanks Michael’s.

Here is the break down…

2 gold candles = $4.99 ea. – HomeGoods
2 bronze candles = $3.99 ea. – HomeGoods
1 white candle = $5.99 ea. – HomeGoods
Cake stand = $12.99 – HomeGoods
Christmas Tree = $39.99 – HomeGoods
Ribbons = $.99 ea. {sale} – Michael’s
Gold/Bronze Ornaments = $5.00 ea. – Target
Turquoise & Silver Ornaments = $7.00 – Target
Turquoise & Gold Icicles = $2.00 ea. – Target
Turquoise & Gold Beads = $2.00 ea. – Target

Grand Total = $120.89
Total if you take away the Christmas tree = $80.90

So for a whole new look this year, I ONLY spent $80.90.  I already have lots of gold & bronze ornaments at home from last year.  So this years ornaments are just supplimenting what I already have.  Not too bad for a whole new look with the Turquoise this year.  Now in the future, I have a lot of different colors to choose from because I already have red, green, gold, bronze, silver & turquoise ornaments & decor.  Nice!!!

This year, I want to hang some of those pretty glass ornaments from the front window in our Living Room with the gorgeous ribbon I just bought.  I can’t wait to put it all together.  Plus every year I hang ornaments from our chandlier, but this year they are going to be even nicer with the ribbon.

So has anyone else bought new Christmas decor for this year?  Where did you shop?  Get some great prices?  Let’s hear it ladies!!!  Leave a comment and share your details.  I want to hear it all!!!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

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It’s The Little Touches That Count

It’s the little touches of Fall that count in our home.  We do not go all out for Halloween, but one day we might once we have kids.  So for now I love to decorate just for the Fall season.  I love all the burnt orange & sage green colors that come with Fall.  So that is how I decorate our home.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to transform your home from season to season.

So here are the little touches that I changed in our home.  First the slate blue curtains come down.

And my burnt orange curtains went up.  Just making this change really changes the feel in our living room.  Makes the room feel more of a cozy feeling.  That makes me think of those cooler nights when you want to curl up on the couch and read a book while drinking tea, coffee or hot coco.  I love Fall.  As you can see all of the other colors in the room still go with the burnt orange because they are muted colors just like the burnt orange.
I added some faux pumpkins & gourds to the room as well.  I didn’t want everything to be orange or green, so I bought faux white pumpkins.  Then added in some orange and some decorate balls to break things up a little.
I do love pumpkins and candles, but these pumpkins are metal.  I love adding the flameless candles as well.  No worries and I don’t have to keep replacing them throughout the season.  I’ve had these candles for a few seasons now and I haven’t even changed the batteries yet.

In our Family Room, I have some faux white pumpkins, wicker pumpkins & seagrass pumpkins.  This room has a lot of white furniture, so I brought the burnt orange table runner in to make it feel more warm in the room.

I placed this bowl full of decorate balls & faux gourds on our Kitchen island.

I know this isn’t a Fall touch, but it is new to our Living Room.  I bought that book – aka: storage book, at HomeGoods recently.  I wanted something new to replace the books I had on the table.  Plus it fits a couple of remotes in it when I want to put them away.

I’ve been trying to bring in a few touches of plum to the Living Room and I found this cute little bowl in a nice dark plum color.  And the piece of driftwood was from our mini vacation out to Greenport, NY.  I found it on the beach.  I love combing the beach for things like this.
Here is a close up of the book.  I love the burlap look to it with the muted navy blue color.  Great neutral piece in the room.
Here is where I bought everything from.
Faux Pumpkins – Michael’s on sale
Other Faux Pumpkins – HomeGoods
Metal pumpkins – HomeGoods
Table Runner – HomeGoods
Decorative Balls – HomeGoods
Curtains – JCPenny
Purple Bowl – HomeGoods
Faux Book – HomeGoods

Can you tell that I love to shop at HomeGoods?  hahaha!!!  Who else loves to shop at HomeGoods?  What have you bought lately that you are lovin’?  Please leave a comment to share with everyone.

 Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Have a great day!  :)

Taking It Easy!!!

Well since today is my birthday, I’m taking some time off to relax and go out to lunch and dinner with family and friends and try to enjoy the day in the best way.
Hopefully this week I will be able to show you my wonderful new find that I found at HomeGoods.  Oh how I love you HomeGoods.  You always come through for me time after time.  I finally found the mirror I wanted, that will go over our bed in our master bedroom.  We just have to tweak it a little to hang it the way we want to hang it.  My hubby said he might hang it tonight if we had enough time after dinner.  Awwwwww what a great guy!
So instead of trying to describe the mirror to you, I tried to find something similar.  Mine is white, carved out wood like this one below with a round mirror.  The only other difference, and it’s soooo hard to explain it is that it is also square.  So the outside of the frame is square and then they have the round frame with the round mirror.  I’m sure that doesn’t make any sense.  Well you will just have to come back in a few days to see it hung up in my bedroom, to understand it completely.  :)
HomeGoods = $59.99

Thanks for stopping by everyone!  Has anyone bought any new mirrors lately?  What does yours look like?  Let’s hear the details.  Leave a comment and/or link to your post about it.  I would love to hear all about it.  :)

Finding The Best Product for the Job

OK, so my shoe storage was not doing it for me at all.  The extra shoe storage I have under our bed, just wasn’t cutting it for me.  I found it annoying to pull this piece out everyday and unzipper it and then of course do the same thing when I got home.  Call me lazy, but it just wasn’t working for me at all.  I would wind up leaving my shoes out all over the bedroom, neatly of course, but still not under the bed where they were supposed to be.  So I had to find something else that was going to be easier, so I could stay organized.
So I continued to look for an over-the-door shoe holder that I liked and went with the style of the bedroom in some way.  Now it will never be seen by anyone but me & the hubby, but I still wanted style.
Once again, Home Goods was good to me.  It was beige with a little design to it and it wasn’t some bold black & hot pink like I’ve been seeing for back-to-college kids.  So for $12.99 it came home with me and now lives on the back of the door to our master bedroom.  Both products hold the same amount of shoes {12 pairs}, so it worked for me.  Now I use the one under the bed for out of season shoes….a.k.a. shoes I don’t wear all the time.  So I didn’t have to get rid of the other one, now I just don’t have to use it as often.

So me & my shoes are happy now.  I can see what I have to wear quicker and I can put them away a lot quicker.  Completely happy with my choice.  It’s the little things that make a girl happy and anything easier always makes me happy.

Where are your shoes stored?  Do you hate or love the way you store your shoes?  Are they in your closet or under your bed or behind your door?   I would love to hear all about your shoes and where you store them.  Leave a link or a comment in the comment area so we can all hear about it.

Have a great day everyone!  :)

New Additions to the Family…

my Living Room decor family that is…..
Yup I went shopping at my favorite store…..Home Goods.  Oh how I love you.  You always seem to have something that I love, something that I can use or need.
I knew I would need something new for this corner, because the lanterns that are….well were there….will live in the Sunroom once we get to that project.  So I’m always on the look out for something that would fit the space nicely.  Here is what the lanterns looked like in this corner.  I really liked the look for this corner, but I knew I had to find something else at some point.

So when I came across these gorgeous candle stick holders at Home Goods and that very funky white vase, I knew I had to buy them for this corner.

I’m going to live with them there for a couple of weeks before I take any tags off.  I might play around with the arrangement but I think these are keepers for this corner.

I’ve also been on the look out for something else purple to add to the room.  I have dark purple pillows on the ottomans in front of the window, so I needed to bring a little more purple into the room so that the pillows made sense in the room.  I also have some craft paper that I plan on wrapping those books with that have some purple in it too….just to make the books prettier.

Here are those purple pillows I’m talking about.

While we were on vacation in Greenport, Long Island, we went walking along the coastline at Orient Point State Park to look for some driftwood, rocks & shells.  Link to our vacation post.  Here is one of the small pieces of driftwood we found.  I love the look of driftwood and I didn’t want to buy an expensive piece from a store, so this was nature giving back for free.  More on the other pieces of larger driftwood that we found in another post soon.  For now this little guy will stay here, but he might move around the house some.

Let’s get a better look at the color of the candle sticks I bought.  They are a pretty turquoise with brush nickel accents.


I love the texture that this funky white vase brings to the room.  I don’t know what it is about this design that tickled my fancy, but I had to buy it.

The cost for each piece, tall candle stick $19, shorter candle stick $16, white vase $19.  So for $54 I was very happy with the new decor that will live in this corner now.

So has anyone bought any candle stick holders or candles lately?  What colors are you loving right now for them?  What room did you put them in?  I would love to hear all about it.  Spill the details in the comments section or leave a link to your post or to the product.  Let’s see the prettiness that everyone is loving right now.

Have a great day everyone!!!  :)

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t

OK, I have lived with these speakers on top of the entertainment center for 4 years now.  Yes they are hooked up to the stereo, which is beneath the TV hidden, so we could use them, BUT we really don’t use them all that much really.  So I had to figure something out, besides just pulling them down.  Then I walked into IKEA!!!  The angels sang to me.  The answer was right in front of my face, when I first walked into the IKEA a couple of months ago.  They had an entertainment center set up right when you walk in and there were three baskets on top of the center.  Duh!!!  Why didn’t I think of baskets?  Well for the last couple of months I have been on the look out for just the right baskets {size & color}.  I finally found them at HomeGoods.  Oh HomeGoods how I love thee.  For only $12.99 each, I was able to make a bad look into a pleasing look for just under $40.

{Sorry this picture is from the Fall. I forgot to take a picture before I put the speakers in the baskets}

Oh so much better!!!  I love how these baskets are lighter then the wood of the entertainment center.  It pulls your eye up higher in a good way now.  We want to do crown moulding in the whole house, but haven’t quite gotten there yet.  As you can see I have changed or added a lot of different things since the picture from the Fall.  More on that in a minute.

You can see more of the details in the room in this picture.

I really love the color of these baskets.  Adds nice texture to the room as well.

Now let’s see all the changes or additions I have made to the room.  I think this picture was probably from the Spring of last year.  We now have new lamps and shades, a new rug, and some new decor.

Here is our new rug from Lowe’s. Under $200 for a 8×10 area rug.  That is my kind of rug.  I love the colors in this rug and it’s nice and soft.  The background color is a chocolate/gray kind of color, with a little bit of white, some beige and a little bit of a blue/gray color.  When we get rid of the couch we have I was hoping for a medium color gray couch instead, so this rug will really go well with it.  If you remember I had already bought the runner for the hallway in this post.  Plus you can see the details on some of the pillows & the lanterns in that post.


Here are the new lamps & shades.  You can check out this post for all the details.

Well that is it for now on the updates to our Living Room.

Has anyone made any changes to their Living Room?  Buy any new rugs recently?  Buy any new baskets to hide something?  Have you shopped at HomeGoods recently?  I would love to hear all about it.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

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HomeGoods Meets Ikea Meets Pier 1

I knew I wanted something new on top of our vanity in our bathroom.  Now I just had to figure out what to put there.  Well I’ve been seeing a lot of small trays with bathroom stuff on top of them, so I was on the hunt for just the right one.  I go “looking” or “shopping” often enough at HomeGoods & Ikea.  I’m lucky enough to have both either near my home or near my job.
First, I wanted something to hold my Q-tips, but it had to sort of hide them.  I remembered that I had a crystal container with a lid, so I pulled it out of the closet.  It’s perfect for what I wanted it for.  The crystal container was completely free because I received it as a Thank You gift from a shower I went to.  Second, I wanted something that was decorative to go on the tray.  I found the blue bowl in the kitchen area of Ikea.  It was $2.99.  Then I finally found the right tray.  I actually bought 3 differnet trays before I found the right one.  Right now HomeGoods has a lot of these type of trays in their bathroom section.  I was pretty sure I wanted white, but I had also found a silver & blue one.  So I bought all three and then picked the white one in the end.  The tray was $7.99.  So for a total of $11.00, I added some function & design to the bathroom.  I want to add some sand & sea shells to the blue bowl.  I have the sea shells already, just need to buy some sand.

This cute little bird came from Pier 1.  I bought him a couple of months ago.  He is a cute little touch to our bathroom.  I wanted more decor in the room that was lighter.  Who doesn’t like white ceramic birds.

This little bowl was found at HomeGoods a few months ago too.  I bought three and one of them ended up here.  I’m not sure where to use the other two yet.  We will see where they turn up in my home.

Down the road we will be repainting this bathroom a light blue.  It might be more down the road then I would like, but I will change the color sooner or later.  I want it to feel more like a spa.  I loved the green color {Benjamin Moore, Weekend Getaway} I picked when we first moved into the house, but now I want something a little lighter and I love blue.  You can check out this post to see some of my inspiration and how the rest of the bathroom looks.

Has anyone bought anything lately from HomeGoods, Ikea or Pier 1?  Do tell!  I would love to see what everyone else is buying lately.  πŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

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New Decor for My Home

I went shopping recently!!!  First I went to Home Goods and picked up a few things.
I couldn’t pass this beauty up.  I love the blue and green in it.  I’ll put family pictures in it and put it out in our Living Room when I’m done. $9.99

Then I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  Another favorite store of mine.  Love those 20% off coupons.  Had two, plus I had Gift Cards……so these lovelies were mine to take home for free.  But they were $29.99 each, less the 20% off each.
Right now we have a black leather couch, but we will be replacing it with either a medium to light gray one or maybe a medium beige/taupe couch instead.  Just haven’t found what we are looking for yet, but I will be sure to share with you when we find the right one.

These I also found at Home Goods.  I wanted to buy some lanterns last year, but I knew the room I was going to be putting them in wouldn’t be ready until this year.  Hopefully we will start to work on our Sunroom this year (over the next couple of months) and these pretties will look awesome in the room once we are done. These were $19.99, $12.99, $9.99.
Then I went to Lowe’s to pick up samples of some flooring and I found this really pretty runner for my hallway.  $54.00 for a 7 ft. runner.  I have been wanting to replace the rugs in the hallway and Living Room for awhile now and this one really caught my eye.  Plus I think it will go really nice with the new pillows and once we figure out the new couch.  It will all come together in the end.


It’s a brown background, but it has a gray undertone to it.  Plus there is beige, blue gray & a hint of white thrown in.  I love it.  So I’m probably dragging the hubby back to Lowe’s to buy the rug for the Living Room this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a message.  Have a great night.