The Garden Shuffle

So over the past couple of weekends, we have been “shuffling” some stuff around in our garden beds.  Plants that are just too big for certain areas now. 

We did live and learn over the years to not plant too close to other plants.  😉 You learn that you need to divide your Hosta’s or divide your Daylilies because they are getting too big and they are not letting other plants grow because of it.  So about two weekends ago we started this process of at least moving our evergreen bushes that needed to move to a better place so they could grow better.  Basically they couldn’t breath well and that just isn’t nice of us.

First was our “Blue Spruce” evergreen that was crowded, in our front garden bed.  This picture was from the first year we planted.  Sorry I didn’t take a picture before I moved it, but this whole bed became over grown.  I’ll have to take updated pictures of the front beds soon.  See the little guy in the middle of this picture below?  It’s the evergreen that has a blue-ish color to it.  When we planted all of these plants 4 years ago, we never knew how much they would grow from year to year.  Within the first year I think they doubled in size.  We now trim all of the evergreens 1-2 times a year or as needed to keep them managable.  Make sure you do your homework on the plants in your garden before you move them, trim them or divide them.  Every plant has their own way of taking care of them.  You don’t want to prune at the wrong time of year and then kill it off.

Thank goodness it has been ok and it seems to be thriving in it’s new spot in the backyard.  That makes me smile. :)

Here is a little bit of a closer look of the Blue Spruce.  The plants that are next to it are Daylilies that we moved last year and are thriving this season.
Here is the rest of this very sad garden bed that runs along our back fence.  This bed wasn’t always there, we put it in after we put in all of our pavers.  You can check that out here.  Our property is 75 feet wide and this bed is about 40 feet long I think.  It’s thin, but we wanted to give some interest at the fence line.  Yes I know you are probably thinking how ugly that chainlink fence is, but we are saving our pennies to finish off the whole backyard hopefully next year.  We have only done the front fence in PVC fencing so far when we had the pavers done.

Now it looks like a real garden bed.  We would like to put more color into this bed, but for now we are very happy with all the evergreens in this new garden bed.

This is our Hosta garden bed.  These suckers fill in the whole entire bed the whole way down once they all come up.  There are a couple of different Hosta types in this bed, so some of them come in later then others.  Oh well.  You will see the progress of these Hosta’s just over a few weeks time, later in this post.  I believe this picture was taking about 3 weeks ago.  They are mostly grown in now.  They are easy to take care of and don’t require maintainance, unless of course you want to divide them.  We got these from our never nice neighbor almost 5 years ago when she divided her Hosta’s.  I love that they have lived, thrived and really grown over the last 5 years.

And three weeks later, the Hosta’s look like this!!!

Even the huge Endless Summer Hydgrandea in this is picture above is starting to bloom.

Here is a full view of the Hosta bed.  Yes there is one little Hosta that we transplanted there and hasn’t done that well yet this year.  It should be bigger next year.

Here is our other problem spot in the backyard.  This very small garden bed is in front of our shed.  There are many reasons we need to change this bed and the first reason is the evergreen bushes in this bed are just too big.  They were planted about 4 years ago as very little bushes, that I was going to keep small and trim every few months, but that never happened.  Our other problem was, we weren’t thinking nor was the landscaper that did our sod, that this area of land would be too high and that water would come in to the shed.  Yup, you got it, the water comes in the shed and goes out the other end of the shed.  HAHA!!!  We have to laugh, but really it has to be taken care of and quickly.  We are going to put a drainage pipe in next to the shed, so we will have to move this garden bed out a few inches away from the shed wall.  When we bought the house, the foundation for the shed had plenty of height and water didn’t come in, then we leveled the land and they added more dirt and we told them to be careful and in the end they didn’t listen to us.  :(   Like I said earlier, you live and learn, but now we have to fix the problem and then really clean the shed out and organize it.  Lots of work in front of us.

Here is what our little evergreens looked like when we planted them 4 years ago.  They were probably about 18-20 inches tall at the time.  We had bought them cheap for Christmas the year before to put on our front stoop.  You can see here that we didn’t have our white wood fence yet.  Ugly chainlink fence.  You can check out this post to see the wood fence we installed.

We added Daylilies in between the evergreens.

We have now learned that Daylilies multiple year after year and we should have never planted them as close as we did in this bed.  Lesson learned yet again.

Here is what they look today.  When I took this picture about 3 weeks ago the Daylilies were not fully grown yet.  That is a 6 foot fence right there and the evergreens are probably about 4 feet high now.  

This is what the garden bed looked liked before we started to move the evergreens.  See how all the plants can’t breath because they are too big.

This picture is from Summer 2011 so that you can see where this garden bed is in our yard.  See if behind the gazebo on the left side?
In this picture you can see that the Daylilies are red and in full bloom.  But really everything was just too big for the bed now.
Here is the “after” once we removed the evergreens and transplanted them into the back fence garden bed.  So much better.  Now the Daylilies can breath.  We will have to divide the Daylilies come the Fall, but for now this bed looks so much better.

Wanted to share some of potted plants as well.  We just planted them about 2 weeks ago.  I love all the colors.  I’ll take updated pictures of these in a few weeks to see how well they are growing.  We love to use a little bit of Miracle Grow every few weeks, so in a month, these pots will be really in full bloom.  😉

Have you transplanted any plants lately?  How did it turn out for you?  Hope it went well.  I would love to hear your stories and see pictures too.  Leave a comment with a link if you want.  I love seeing other people’s gardens.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!  :)

Spring Has Come to Long Island

Over the weekend we were doing some Spring cleaning……outside.  Here are some close ups of what has sprung up in our yard.  I love seeing new life in our yard after a long Winter.  I can’t wait to see everything in full bloom soon.
Sorry, but I forgot what these are.
Blue Spruce
Hydrangea Buds
Tree Buds
Is Spring, springing up in your yard yet?  Love to hear about it, so drop me a message.  Have a beautiful day.