Sunroom Inspiration….Some Eye Candy if You Will

I love looking at eye candy to inspire me for my rooms, so I wanted to share with you what I have been drooling over on Pinterest lately.
You can follow my Sunroom Inspiration board on Pinterest here.
My Sunroom looks pretty bad right now because we haven’t done anything to it in 4 years.  Unfortunately it wasn’t top priority on our to-do-list for the home.  But hopefully over the Fall and then the Spring next year, we will be able to get this room looking nicer & more functional.  You can check out the mood board I did for the Sunroom here.  You can also check out this post when I did my House Tour of the Sunroom.  There is more inspiring eye candy in that post.
I love how cozy this room feels.  The couch and two chairs are perfect, but because our sunroom isn’t a 4 seasons room, we will have to buy all indoor/outdoor furniture and decor.  Or at least as much as possible.
Love these chairs from Pottery Barn.  Gorgeous wing back chairs.  I can see reading a book or just relaxing in a chair like this.
I also really love the style of this chair from Restoration Hardware.  But we will have to find cheaper versions of these types of chairs.  I actually want to check out Pier 1 soon and see if they have anymore chairs left and IF they are on sale, I might just have to pick 1 or 2 up for, hopefully a great price. πŸ˜‰
This room is gorgeous!!!  Love, love, love the ceiling and walls.  I’m so into blue & green right now.  Love the color combo so much.  Clean and crisp!  What room doesn’t look awesome with a built-in banquet.
Check out this sunroom’s cornices with vintage fretwork panels.  Gorgeous!!!  Really dresses up the windows.  I might have to do something like this in my sunroom.  Check out for more fretwork ideas.  Great website.  Here is their website to see all that they sell.
Love the couch & light fixture.
If I had a sunroom like this, I would never leave.  It’s just saying, “come on in and stay all day”.

Check out the built-ins and all the storage.  Love all the neutrals and tone on tone colors.

I absolutely adore this room.  Love the shape of the room.  If I could find wicker furniture like this on Craigslist or at a garage sale, I would defintely paint it.  Just not sure if I would paint it white or dark brown.  I love the look both ways.

Gorgeous color on the walls.

I have almost the same cart sitting in our sunroom right now.  I might have to do a similar vignette but with a mirror over it instead.
Now this sunroom, I really love.  It has so much that I would love to incorporate in my sunroom.  The colorful shades are so cute.  Love the ceiling color and the rug.
Full room shot.
Close up of the bench with storage.
Well I hope I have inspired you in some way with all of these great inspiration pictures of sunrooms.  You could even take some of this inspiration and modify it a little and take it outside to your porch or deck.
So which picture is your favorite?  Have you remodeled a sunroom recently?  What is your favorite part of your sunroom?  I would love to hear about your sunroom, porch, patio or deck.  Let’s share some inspiration.  I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment.  Have a great day everyone!

Mood Board for Our Sunroom

After posting about my Sunroom tour the other day {you can check out the details on our Sunroom here}, I really wanted to put together a Mood Board for the room.  I’m not sure if I will buy these exact pieces and I’m not sure if we will be able to get to this project completed this year, but it’s always fun to be able to look at the things you would like to have and maybe find a better deal down the road anyway.  πŸ˜‰   I just love looking at the eye candy in the mean time.

So in this Mood Board, most everything is from Pier 1.  The ceramic stool & the flooring are not.  I love what Pier 1 carries, but I don’t always love their prices.  So I’m going to keep an eye on this stuff and maybe if I hit the right sale at the right time, I can get what I want for less.  Or we might try to buy wicker furniture off of Craigslist or from a garage sale and spray paint it the color that we want.  These are just all ideas now, a little bit of inspiration for the room.  I saw most of this in person already.  I was in Pier 1 last week.  I love looking…..well I bought a platter holder for my counter top…..but I really wanted to buy all of this stuff.  πŸ˜‰

OK, now let’s look at the details of this Mood Board.
  • First let’s check out the great color that would be on the walls.  The walls will be wainscoting, hopefully PVC wainscotingο»Ώ.  We have seen it at Home Depot already, but I haven’t looked to see if they carry it at Lowe’s or not.  It was about $42 per pack.  Anyway onto the color on the walls,  it’s Valspar Evening Stroll.  It’s blue/green in color.  It might not be the color I go with, but I do like it.
  • The settee & chair are hand-woven out of banana bark and mahogany. They seem very well constructed and seem like they would last long and wouldn’t sag in the seat area.
  • The outdoor rug is a little too expensive, but I liked the design.  I will shop around for either 1 or 2 outdoor rugs OR I might just reuse the two that I already have in the Sunroom.  I’m not certain what I want to do yet.  I’m not in love with the ones I have.  They have palm leaves on them and are beige.  {you can see the pattern in the picture below}
  • As for the cushions, they-are-gorgeous-in-person!!!  Let’s get a closer look at the cushion design.  They have a very luxurious look to them.  Though I’m sure I could find something similar at HomeGoods for a lot less.
  • The hanging lanterns are just too cute.  I would hang them in one of the corners.  Probably the corner that I can see from our Living Room, so I could enjoy them year round.
  • The table & chairs are really cute, but I’m not sure whether I want white or a dark brown color.  We will see what I find.  Hopefully something I can repurpose to keep costs down.
  • The flooring is a vinyl water resistant plank look by TrafficMaster Allure.  We used it in our Laundry Room and I think we might use it in the Sunroom as well.  The room might not always be 100% waterproof, so this would be a good flooring to put down so we can close up the gaps in the wood deck flooring that is there now.  We have some work to do to close up gaps in the flooring and on the walls, but I think we will be good once we are done with the room.  We could even buy a small heater for the room and get more use out of it in the late Fall or even when family is over for Christmas.  πŸ˜‰

Here is the ceramic stool that I already bought from HomeGoods a few weeks ago and lives in the Sunroom already and I only paid $35 for it, so I have already saved myself some money from what I had showed you in the Mood Board.
You can check out my first post ever on my blog to see more ideas for sunrooms or outdoor spaces.  Link.
So there you have it our Mood Board or Inspirational Eye Candy for our Sunroom.  Anyone redecorating their Sunroom, porch or outdoor space?  Let’s here about it….leave a link in the comment section if you want.  I would love to see what others are doing to make their outdoor spaces more like home.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

Weekend Bloggy Reading

Our Home Tour – The Sunroom

Oh our Sunroom… I dislike you.  Let me count the ways.  First it is all white paneling.  Don’t mind the paneling at all, but it wasn’t installed the right way, it was cut wrong at the top where it meets the beams and it has started to peel now & come away from the walls in some places.  Basically it’s indoor paneling that shouldn’t be in the elements over the years, so it’s falling apart now.  This room is not an air tight/water tight room unfortunately, so we need to buy PVC paneling to redo this room.  Though I do need to find out if we can paint PVC paneling first.  That would be a bummer if I couldn’t paint this room.  Then I want to paint it a nice Sea glass blue/green color.  This room has 13 windows plus the screen door.  Let’s see what other problems does this room have…..oh yeah, the wood deck that this was built on….well the wood planks are not spaced close enough together for our liking.  Let’s just say that is how the bugs get into the room now.  So we want to find a product that will withstand some water if it came in and cover the floor completely.  Other problems are the really old windows.  Just to replace the windows it will cost us about $850 and they are just storm windows.  Plus we hardly have any screens because the previous owners probably broke them and never replaced them.  Grrrrrrrr!!!!  So it gets super warm in this room.  I would like to do some sort of canvas panels for the ceiling.  Maybe construct something that would hang from the ceiling and that you could slide back and further so that it might not get so hot.  The roof is made out of plastic material.  It’s a corrugated product.  I’m sure you have seen those wavy roofs somewhere.  Ours is an opaque white, so we don’t think it’s letting so much light in, but just that the room is really all windows and there are only 5 screens, that makes the room hot.  Hopefully with screens in all the windows, it will make the room cooler in the end.

So we will in the future, tear down all the paneling and replace it hopefully with PVC paneling so we don’t have to worry about it getting wet.  Replace all the windows and replace the screen door.  We already have a screen door that we bought at Restore {Habit for Humanity} for $13.  Love that.  Figure out a flooring material that will stand up to the weather and of course get a love seat, chairs and a bistro table so we can eat and relax out there with no bugs.  :)  Of course I will decorate this room over time.  I have some decor already like the three lanterns in my Living Room. πŸ˜‰
So here is how the sunroom basically looked when we bought the house.  Nice blank slate, but with some problems.  Those windows were not closing properly due to the support poles below not being installed correctly.  So we had the poles replaced, you can check that out here and now the windows basically close all the way, but not 100% perfect.

Not sure if you can really see in this picture how much space is in between the boards, but let’s just say if you are walking in heels, your heels are going through the spaces for sure.  So we want something that is wall to wall and that will be ok in the elements, just in case it got wet.  Maybe we will use the same flooring that we used in our Laundry Room, check that out here.  It’s TrafficMaster Allure Flooring.  It’s vinyl flooring and they do sell an 100% waterproof version of this flooring.  It’s a little bit more expensive then the one we bought that was just “highly water resistant”, but I think it might be worth it.  It would look like we had hardwood floors in this room.  Nice!!!  Then I can buy an area rug or reuse the two I already have.  We will see. πŸ˜‰

One of our first furniture purchases was our outdoor dining set.  So we decided to keep it up here in our Sunroom until we were done cleaning up our very dirty yard.  We bought this set from Fortunoff’s.  It has 8 chairs actually and it also came with two reclining chairs with ottomans.  Really nice set for the price.

Now steps in the ugly wood beams.  The room just never felt finished to me.  Then I think the 2nd year that we owned our home, we had a hail storm and the hail {quarter sized} made holes in the roofing material.  So we knew we had to replace the roofing material, so we painted the beams white before the contractor installed the new roofing material for us.  We don’t do really high ladders, so this job was for the pro’s.  πŸ˜‰
Oh, so much better.  We used Benjamin Moore’s exterior white paint for this job.  Because we didn’t primed, because we didn’t think we needed to {lesson learned}, it look us three coats of white paint to get it completely covered.  We love it now.  We painted the beams when the old roofing was still on, this way we didn’t have to be careful when we are painting.  Nice!!! :)
You can see the new roofing from this picture.  It’s an opaque white.  Brighter then what we had up from the previous owners.  We believe it was a smoked color, but it didn’t look that way when it was up.  We hope that this new opaque white roof will reflect more of the sun.  We also had the contractor install soffit’s & gutters.  The rain just used to run right off the roof and the wood beams were just sticking out from underneath the old roofing.  Not very finished looking, so we had it finished off.  We love how it looks now.  Much better.
You can see the beams hanging out in this picture.  We also need to power wash the wood that is at the bottom of sunroom in this picture.  I think we might paint it white for now also and then when you have the whole house resided we will have them side the whole thing so you don’t see that anymore.  We also want to make boxed out columns for the support poles in white PVC material.  It would really finish the look off we think.
And you can see the beams in this picture too.
This is what the sunroom looks like as of today.  Here are the reclining chairs and ottomans I was talking about early.  Plus some outdoor pillows, the outdoor rugs we used to have on our pool deck & a new little addition I just bought last week from HomeGoods.
Here is a closer look at the new little addition to the Sunroom.  It’s a ceramic end table or ceramic stool.  Whatever you need to use it for.  I’ve been eyeing this one at HomeGoods since the being of the season, but I didn’t want to pay full price for it.  It was on clearance already when I saw this lovely last week again, so I knew I had to buy it and for $39, marked down from I believe the original price was either $59 or $69, this was a good deal.  You typically see these going for $99 or more in some places.  Score for me!!!
Close up of the details.  I love that the flowers are carved out from the ceramic.  It just makes me happy to look at it every day from my Living Room.
Here are some inspiration pictures I have saved.  I would love for this room to be even half of what these rooms look like.  I just love how comfortable they look.  It makes we want to go on vacation.  I would love a “vacation room”.  Wouldn’t that be nice to have in your home?

This room has the similar exposed beams like our Sunroom has.  I love the curtains, the lanterns and all the furniture.

Ballard Designs
I love how they framed out the window in a Turquoise color and left everything else white.
House of Turquoise
Love the gorgeous petals table & chairs.  All the metal on the walls is really unique.
Ballard Design 
I know in this picture it’s all about the outside, but my Sunroom is all about being outside for the most part. πŸ˜‰  I love all the nautical stuff that they decorated with.
Ballard Design 
What an awesome idea…..put a mirror in the Sunroom.  Love it!!!
House of Turquoise 
Now this picture is just gorgeous.  It’s probably a house down by the beach.  I love the dark wood floors with the dark furniture.  Everything else is light, but it’s so inviting.  I really like the idea of the shingled siding.  Maybe when we redo our siding, we could put this kind of siding just in the Sunroom, but in the same color that we side the rest of the house.  Or at least that is my thought right now.
House of Turquoise 
This sunroom is so warm and inviting.  Looks really comfortable.  In this house this is obviously a 4 seasons Sunroom, so they don’t have to worry about the elements.  But I really like the colors and the warmth of the room.
House of Turquoise 
Again, this is another similar room to our Sunroom.  I wish we had the windows from the floor to the ceiling though.  We have the same similar beams & even roofing it looks like maybe.  Love the curtains & the colors.  Very inviting….very much part of the home this way.
House of Turquoise 
Love the dark wood decking, the light colors on the walls and I love how the Turquoise & Red go so well together.  Turquoise really does go with most colors.
House of Turquoise
My inspiration really takes me in a lot of different directions.  Oh decisions.  Nuts!!!  Who knows what I will pick for this room in the end.  I love it all.
Paint Colors I like so far:

Valspar Blue Lagoon

Valspar Evening Stroll

 Anyone loving Turquoise right now?  What color and who is it made by?  I would love to get more ideas.  Anyone remodeling a Sunroom or Patio/Deck area?  What colors are you using?
Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)

The Outdoor Series – Splish Splash

Welcome to our pool!!!  Come on in.
This is what the pool looked like the day we first toured our home {previous owners stuff}.  You can see how many different levels of decking there are in the next few pictures.  This is the view from our Master Bedroom.
The diamond in the rough shed to the right.  Check out what we did to the shed to update it here.
View from the back door.  Not so pretty to look at when you first walk outside.
Here is the backside of the decking around the pool.  Our backyard borders on a wetlands preserve area.  So there are some trees, lots of weeds and a small stream that doesn’t always have water in it.  So it’s not the best looking area all the time, but we might put up a solid white PVC fence once we save the money up.  We have a neighbor right over on the other side of the stream and they don’t have a fence either.  There is plenty of brush in the summer time, but we can still see into each others yards.  We like that it is open, but we don’t always like that they can see right into our yard.  We will see what we decide over time.  We are so on the fence about it.  Sorry I couldn’t help that silly pun. πŸ˜‰
So from that lower level on the back side, you go up two steps onto this walkway and then up another 2 steps to the upper deck of the pool.  Or you can go upstairs to the enclosed deck or sunroom like we like to call it.  So many options and way too much wood decking.
This is looking back to where the last picture was taken, I’m on the upper decking taking the picture.
This pool is 32L x 16w, just to give you some perspective of the yard.  Our yard is 75′ wide by 100′ deep.  So add all of that decking, plus the pool and you don’t have much of a yard do ya?  Nope!!!
This was the view on our day of closing.  I guess the building inspector made them cover up the pool properly before the closing.  They had to get certain CO’s before we closed.  So at least we had a cover that fit the pool now.
BUT….when we took the cover off, this is what was found underneath.  Gross!!!  Looked like a swamp & smelled like one too.
Close up of the deeper end.
Within 4 days we had the pool completely clean and clear.  Pump running a lot, shocking the heck out of it and of course vacuuming it out.  Now that is much better to look at from our bedroom window.  Yes the liner needed to still be cleaned better, but it was old and a lot of it was faded and just baked on.  But it did clean up better.
Here is a pretty good view of most of the yard.  Well what you can see of it with all the decking.  lol.

Here is the sunroom that is off our Dining Room.  We still have a lot of work to do on that Sunroom, both inside and out.  We want to paint the wood to either go with the siding {light gray} or white to just brighten things up.  Plus we have plans to make the ugly black poles much nicer.  You can see we added some chairs and plants to the upper pool deck to make it look nicer.  We also added two outdoor rugs.  The decking up there is really bad.

And the duckies even thought our pool was nice and clean.  They went from out neighbors pool to ours, did a few laps and then went to the next neighbors pool and then flew away.  It was so cute to watch.  Typically these duckies are in the stream behind the fence and not in our pool.  They never came back again.
Ready for some ugliness?  Well if you haven’t already guessed by other post of mine, the previous owners were slobs and didn’t care.  They had 4 kids that didn’t care either.  We found toys {and still do} all around the yard.  This was just grossed.  We really couldn’t help the water build up because the water table level in our area is high, but all the garage was just gross.  So we had to take the lattice off and rake out all the garage we could.  Oh the things we found under there.  This is all under the upper deck of the pool.  We guess at one time the lattice wasn’t there and they just through stuff there.

Yup that is a headless and clothsless Barbie.  Poor dollie.  That little girl just wasn’t nice to you.  Other things we found were lots of beer bottles, soda cans, a tackle box and lots of toy pieces.
Here is some of what we found just around the pool area.  Not even under the decking.  This was just in the dirt/weed/leaf area.

This was old stuff from a fish tank.  The gravel was even dump there.  Plus other things in between.

Then we figured out that our Sunroom was sagging in the center.  A lot of the windows were sagging and leaving gaps.  So we hired a contractor to make sure the job was done properly.  They put three new poles in and put another header up, so now there are three headers up there supporting all the weight upstairs.  Headers are those large pieces of wood you see above the poles.  Our contractor told us that if we had a party and too many people were up there, the Sunroom might have fallen into the pool basically.  Oh My God!!!  We were very happy to spend the money for this project.  Now we are completely safe.
The poles were rusted that were in the dirt.  They didn’t even seem to be in that much of cement below the deck.  What the heck is wrong with these previous owners?  They didn’t do anything by code.  Our contractor also told us that these poles were indoor poles for basements, not poles that can be in the ground outside.  So now we are all safe.  New poles are rated for outdoors and are in cement footers.  Plus the windows are not sagging anymore.  We still need to replace them, but they aren’t sagging.
New poles with new wood deck right around it.  They needed to replace them because they used like 4 inch nails and it was not easy to come up in one piece.

So has anyone else done some pool or decking projects lately?  Do share with us.  We all love to see others peoples projects.
Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day! I would love to hear your comments, so please leave one if you want. I love sharing and inspiring others, but I also love feed back and sharing of others ideas and thoughts. :)