That Tween/Teen Thing…Bedrooms

I was looking through an organizing magazine over the weekend and I came across a great idea for tween/teen or even college students actually.  Of course it would be great even for your very small apartment as well.  So this post is pretty board.
Let’s talk about storage & beds in a small bedroom.
So when I was looking through that magazine I loved a bed that had lots of storage.  I wanted to see the options that are out there with different price  points.  Let’s take a look.

Let’s check out Ikea first.  Check out this great headboard and bed with drawers.  $100 for the headboard {full/double} and bedframe for $229.  So for $329, plus a mattress you have a nice amount of storage.  You could store books or clothes in the headboard or even your alarm clock.  Then under the bed could be clothes, in general storage or if your in a dorm room/small apartment you could store your linens too.

Here is the same bed in an actual room so you can see what it can store.  I really think it’s very versatile and probably holds a lot of storage.

Here is another storage bed/headboard combo to check out.  Could be for a girl or boy.  Again some great storage in the headboard and the drawers under the bed.  So for $229 for bedframe, $120 for headboard a total of $349 I think you have a pretty good deal and great storage.

Straight out of Ikea’s catalog, this is what the above bed could look like in a bedroom.  Love it.  And some really great colors in this room as well.  😉

Now let’s talk about loft beds.  For $299 from Ikea this loft bed can really save you some space in your room.  You can add bookcases and a desk top underneath to make a similar, cheaper version of the Pottery Barn loft bed below.  This is the size if you are wondering – 79″ wide x 58 1/4″ deep.

Here is what Ikea came up with for a small looking apartment.  Great use of space.

Let’s check out some ideas you could use for under this Ikea loft bed.  For $125.99 Ikea tabletop & legs you could have a great desk with storage underneath.  This is 59″ wide, so it would fit under the Ikea loft bed on the short side and you could add another one of these on the other short side.

Then you could add one of these $39.99 Ikea Expedit bookcase {31 1/8″ wide x 15 3/8 deep} on the long side of the bed and you would have great storage and great table top area for a desk and vanity.  So for a total of $590.97 for the loft bed and all the storage underneath, you are paying such a great price compared to the Pottery Barn versions below.  But you can get some really great ideas from the Pottery Barn versions.  Let’s take a look at them now.

Check out all the function and storage from this vanity loft bed from Pottery Barn.  It is $1999.00, so you would save about $1,408.03 if you bought the Ikea version of this loft bed.  A bed, a vanity, a computer desk area and a bookcase.  Love this.  Check out the link and see all the other setups they put together.  Great ideas and colors.  I really do love this one, but not the price so much.  But seriously, look at everything you can fit into a small room and still have so much function, storage and style.  {70″ wide x 81″ long}
For $1799.00 from Pottery Barn also, this loft bed has even more bookshelf storage and a desk area.  Love the cork board.  I would have loved this as a kid.  I would have had so much more room to play and hang out if I had this instead.
They even have a boys version of the same bed.  I really love it in white and dark wood.  {$1799.00}
Let’s check out what else they have a Pottery Barn.  $2495.00 {sale}

$2495.00 {sale}


$2999.00 {sale}


Here is some more eye candy of other rooms that I Googled around for, so there was even more inspiration for you.  I really love loft beds for those smaller bedrooms that just don’t have the floor space.  I think about all the possibilities and all the awesome storage that is out there and you really could have one awesome room for your child and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to have it.

What a great college dorm room this would be.  Maybe not these colors, but you really pack a lot of function into this space.





Oh my gosh, I’m really drooling over the great ideas that are out there.  All of that storage, all of that function for one room is amazing to me.  I’m sure there are plenty of other options and more price ranges, but I just wanted to take a look at a few that were out there.

So does one of your children have a room like this?  Are you looking for some great storage options for your childs room?  I hope I have inspired you in some way.

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!  :)