Inspirational Eye Candy – Casual Dining Rooms

Casual Dining Rooms are so much easier in the home I think.  It makes everyone feel welcome and relaxed.  Plus they are a lot easier with kids.  You can have kid friendly seating (leather chairs or even plastic chairs).  I see more and more homes going with Casual Dining Areas or Dining Rooms lately….love the trend.
Enjoy the Eye Candy!!!
I love this room with Turquoise, B&W and then a punch of Pink.  Casual yet very classy.
Love the blue/orange/white scheme going on in this room.  So relaxing.  Plus those windows let in so much light.
I love Turquoise lately.  I need to inject more of it into my home.  I love the Turquoise with the grey/beige color.  Looks like an awesome place to gather and relax.
Love the brown/creme pattern on the bench and the wood table and chairs.  Great combo together.
I love the mix of textures and the mix of wood tones in this room.  Hello!!!  The dark wood table with the Pumpkin Orange chairs….gorgeous!  The white wood and the light colored walls keeps the room light and relaxing.  Love the texture in the shade on the window and the pendant shade also.
Again with the dark and light wood tones….but I love the pop of the lime green.  Very crisp!
Great combo with straight lines and curved lines to compliment this room.  The straight lines in the shelves and cabinets are then complimented with the round table and all the round vases on the shelves.  Nice little punch of color with the blue on the chairs.
I love the round table with those gorgeous rounded back chairs.  And there is that Turquoise again…in the chandelier & it looks like the backsplash in the kitchen too.  Love the pattern on the chairs.
Love the texture with the bamboo shade and the wood table, mixed in with that great pattern on the banquette.  Great family & friend gathering place.
I just love all the texture in this room.  Light woods with darker woods with a splash of grey/blue thrown in.  Love the light and airy feel of this room.
What an awesome place for a casual Dining Area.
Casual yet very elegant.  A room that could be dressed up more for those more special occasions.
Hope you have enjoyed the Eye Candy!!!

Tablescape Redesign

I love trying to come up with new tablescapes for my Dining Room table.  So I have decided to share a couple of different tablescapes with you.
This is what the table looked like in the Spring.  Simple & Elegant.

Then in the Summer.  Light & Airy.

Then the Fall.  Warm & Not just right.  It was missing something.  So I went back out shopping to find something else to add to the tablescape.

This is what I eneded up with.  Warm and Layered.  I added the table runner, and the two wired pumpkins and spaced everything out to take up more area on the table.  Lots of texture on this table now.

Table Ruuner – Target
Wire Pumpkins – Target
White Vases – Ikea
Wicker Pumpkin – Home Goods
Next up my Master Bedroom.