Out with the Dark, In with the White

Well after two years, yes two years, we finally got around to painting the inside trim around our new front door.  Well I guess it’s not that “new” anymore, but it still feels new to us.  The door company trimmed out the outside of the door, but it didn’t include the white trim on the inside unless we wanted to pay more money and wait a few weeks for the trim.  Ummmmm, no thanks, we will just reuse the dark trim and paint it white, thank you very much!!!

You can check out the whole door post here.

Here is what the front door looked like before the new white door was installed.  Holy darness batman.  We hated it and it was very damaged and crack, so we had to replace it.

And this is how it has looked on the inside for 2 years.  Don’t mind the wall on the left.  No that isn’t a shadow.  We started to repainted that wall when we had done some work in our Family Room, but we never finished painting the wall the rest of the way up.  Hopefully we will get it done before Christmas.  Well that is our goal anyway.

Here is a close-up of how dark the trim color is.
First coat of primer.
Second coat of primer.

And two coats of paint…..and this is the end result.  So much better now.  We are kicking ourselves for not doing this small project sooner.  It did take several hours {as you can see it’s dark outside by the time we finished}.  We waited about 45 mins to 1 hour in between the primer coats and around a hour or so in between the paint coats.

We have some touch ups to do, have to put the light switch plate back on & we want to caulk around the outside of the moulding to finish things off.

So here is the the recap.

Plus I did some caulking that we haven’t done since we installed the base moulding two years ago. E-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-i-n-g!!! So let’s take a look at what caulking can do for you….well what caulking can do for my moulding. I love the difference and want to share with you how I filled in all the cracks so that you don’t really see the seams anymore.

These two pictures show all the major seams that I wanted to caulk.

We usually like to use DAP paintable caulking.  It says that you can paint in 40 mins, but we usually wait 24 hours until we paint over caulk.  Sometimes you need to put more caulk in the seams because within that 24 hour period, sometimes it will sink into the seam further if enough caulk wasn’t used in the area.  So instead of having to caulk, paint in 40 mins and then 24hrs later or even a few days later you find you need to re-caulk and re-paint again, we just like to wait at least 24 hours before we paint over caulk.  But that is just us and what we like to do.

So once you lay down that first bead of caulk, I love to use this DAP CAP to smooth things out and make sure you have enough caulk in your seams.  Some people just like to use their finger to make it smooth, but I really like using this cap.

It fits right into the area you just caulked.  Then I usually take a wet paper towel or rag and lightly go over the caulk to smooth it out even more.  So if you got to much on the walls, you can get the caulk off at that point while it’s still wet.

Here are the after pictures.  This moulding isn’t perfect, so I did my best to fill in the seams or gaps that we had.  They look soooo much better then with the seams sticking out for everyone to notice it wasn’t finished off the right way.

Now you don’t see the gaps.  YAY!!!

We used Benjamin Moore Natura {no VOC} primer & paint.  The paint color is Benjamin Moore Decorators White.  That is what color all of our trim is in the house.
So has anyone else been painting trim work in their homes?  What color do you use?  Have you ever caulked seams or gaps in your home to make it look more finished?  Do share in the comments area….we would all love to hear about it.
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The Outdoor Series – Shut The Door

Well it’s more like “get rid of the door”!!!  This is the door that came with our home.  Gee lucky us….burgundy screen door and all.  YAY!!!  NOT!!!  It just didn’t go with the wood door at all.  I’m not knocking burgundy screen doors if that is what you have. ๐Ÿ˜‰  But this one had to go.  Let’s just see how in bad shape this door really was before I show you the new pretty door.  OK, from a distance, the door just looks like it needed to be sanded, stained & sealed.
You can see the screen door color better in this picture.  If you look close at the sidelight panels of the door, you can see that the previous owners did not take care of the door at all from the outside for probably close to 25 years that they owned the house.  Thanks again for that.  :(   We thought about sanding and staining it or even just painting it white, but this door was in really bad shape.  Scratches, cracks & all!!!
This is the view from the inside.  We hated how dark the wood was because it just made it dark in this area.  We don’t have a Foyer really, since this is a High Ranch, so we needed to do something about this.
Plus the type of glass that was there didn’t give us good privacy.  You can see in this closer picture that you can see right to the street in the center, which meant people could see right in when they came to the door.  So something had to change.
Here you can see some of the scratches that the dogs made.  I guess they really wanted out of this house.  There was also a large crack in the wood {sorry I don’t have a picture of that}.  You could see light through this crack.  So the heat was literally going right out the down.
This is what the outside of the door looked like.  Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the door still on it’s hinges.  But you can see from this picture that the outside of the door really was weathered over the years.  I guess they didn’t always have a screen door on the front door to protect it.
So we saved our pennies up and we finally got a new door.  We ordered this door from Unified {NY}. It was a reasonable price and they installed it for us.  Oh so much better now.
Now if we could just get a new steps & railings.
They put all the white trim molding on the outside.  It’s basically a thin metal material that they form and case over the brown wood molding that was already there.
We love the style we chose on the glass.  You can hardly see through this glass now.  So we have more privacy.  The reason we picked a white door {because I’m sure some of you might be thinking “why go with a white door when your house is light gray”} is because we want to one day change the siding on the house to a dark blue or even a darker gray.
Here is the door from the inside.  See how frosted this glass is.  You can see a little bit through the center design, but that is it.  Much harder to see into the house now.  We likey!!!

These are the sidelights.
Now we just have to paint the inside trim white.  One little detail that was overlooked when we ordered the door.  We thought they supplied the inside trim.  So we are just going to paint it white.  We still haven’t painted this trim and it’s a year later.  Embarrassing!!!  Really have to finish that project.  I hate how it looks.  I’m even thinking about painting the spindles on the banister white to lighten things up even more.  But shhhhh, don’t tell the hubby I’m thinking that. ๐Ÿ˜‰
So let’s take one more look at the before & after.

Now let’s talk about some of my inspiration for the new siding and the look that I would love to have for the house.  I think it would give the house great curb appeal.
Pacific Blue is the color on this house.  With the white trim & the dark gray roof.  Love!!!  {wish this was my house, I love all the peaks}
This is a close up of the Pacific Blue siding.
We would do our shed in the same siding as the house and we already have a white door on the shed.  We might add a window to the shed before we do the siding or at the same time.  We will see.  The shed also has the darker gray roof on it, so we wouldn’t have to change the roof color.
{I wish our shed was this cute}

Our shed.

I colored this house using this website.  You can even pay to upload your own picture and paint your own home and see what colors work for you.

I like the Boothbay Blue & Evening Blue from these color choices.

In this set of colors I like the Light Gray, Wedgewood, Yoder Blue, & Dark Gray.

Here is a darker gray house, but it doesn’t have a white door, but you get the idea.

We could go either way with our decision of siding.  We will see.  I think I would have to use a website to upload my house picture and see how it would look with the darker colors and white trim.  Time will tell.

Now let’s take a look at our old mailbox.  Sad, sad little mailbox she was.  We had to make some changes.  Yup as you can see, it was only held on with a bungee cord.  It still cracks me up when I look at this picture.  But this mailbox was just not our style, so we bought a new one.

We bought this either at Lowe’s or Home Depot, sorry I don’t remember which place, because we used to live in both stores when we first bought the house.  This replacement was one of the first things we did before we even moved into the house.

Much nicer!!!


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The next Outdoor Series post will be the Big Reveal.  Please stop back and check out what we did to our front & back yard.  It really changed the whole look of our property.

 Has anyone else replaced their front door?  Do you have a screen door?  Hate them or love them?  Let’s here the details.

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